Factors to consider when buying security doors

Doors are the final puzzle when it comes to securing our property. Whether it’s for business or home security, you must make the right decision when we are shopping for security doors. For instance, you might have a state-of-the-art alarm system, but if the premises has a weak, insecure door, any other person who wishes to do you harm can breach your security before the police can respond. Therefore, it is crucial that you research the best security doors to see the latest security advancements of doors. Here are some factors you should consider when buying a security door.

1. Material

In most cases, security doors are usually made of steel, aluminium, or a mixture of both. Steel is widely known as a strong and durable material. However, in the long run, it is prone to corrosion, especially along the edges and areas where it comes into contact with moisture. On the other hand, aluminium does not corrode, but it is not as strong as iron. For the best result, some manufacturers make security doors from both steel and iron hence making the best out of each material. The main body of the door can be forged from iron, while the finishing and handles can be made of steel to prevent or minimise corrosion.

2. The design and safety

The design of the door should not compromise the safety of your family or property. When shopping for security doors, some people go overboard and ignore the safety aspect of a door. A good home security door should be easy to open in case of a fire emergency. If your business also depends on doors and windows for air circulation, you should consider buying a security door that has grills to facilitate aeration.

3. The finishing

The finish of a door includes the painting and coating. Installing a hardy security door does not mean you should forego the general outlook of the door. You should choose a colour that compliments or matches your property. The coating of the door is crucial, especially for steel security doors. Powder coating can be used to prevent the door from corrosion and other adverse weather conditions. The hinges and handles should also be coated or painted too. Paint can also be used to coat doors, but it requires maintenance after some time because it is prone to fading and degradation.

4. Consider the seal

The door seal is one of the most forgettable aspects when shopping and installing security doors. The seal determines the amount of space along the frame of the door. Seals can also be used to minimise aeration hence conserving on air conditioning energy. In addition, seals are vital because they prevent insects and other small potential organisms from entering your home or business premises. Some doors come with their sealing mechanism while others require the creativity of the expert who installs the door. You should, therefore, consult with the security door manufacturer about the sealing system before you make a decision.

5. Installation and maintenance

Some security door manufacturers have their installation and maintenance experts. This is mostly due to warranty and insurance purposes. However, if you prefer to install the security door on your own means, you should contact an expert to minimise the chances of damage to the door or your property. You should also follow the maintenance protocols of the door, as explained by the manufacturer.


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