Information On Epoxy Flooring

What is Epoxy


Regular floor paints greatly differ from epoxy. A two-part epoxy system is resinous flooring where polymer resins combine with hardeners.  When mixed correctly, the hardener and epoxy resin will react with each other, and the result will bond them chemically together and to the floor.  Through the chemical bonding the result is a stiff plastic material. This material resists degradation, is durable, and bonds well.


With epoxy flooring, the final result is a surface that consists of epoxy in multiple layers. The floor that it is put on must be at least two mm thick. An epoxy floor and an epoxy floor coating differ in the thickness. The classification of epoxy floors is an epoxy coating that about two mm thick, otherwise, it is an epoxy floor coating.

If you are looking to maximize the value of your property or if you want to rejuvenate it and add years to its life, epoxy flooring is what is required. You can find companies that offer very tough and very colourful coatings. You can opt for a hardwearing epoxy coating that is great for all home, industrial, or commercial flooring. Skilled teams of experts are available and use only the best materials sold on the market. They’ve developed a proven system that will last practically forever.


Better Than Plain Concrete Floors

Any company on the Gold Coast knows that epoxy floors are more hygienic than concrete floors. Concrete surfaces are porous and collect mites, dust, and debris. When you decide to install an epoxy floor, you’ll be eliminating all that and making a safe surface that is easy to clean. Another great thing is that an epoxy floor looks fantastic.


The Epoxy System

The epoxy flake system is a custom system companies offer by seeding small-sized pre-coloured acrylic “flecks or chips” into an epoxy resin overlay. The result is a smooth multi-coloured free-flowing seamless floor offering many benefits. The system known as the roll coat epoxy system consists of one solid-coloured floor, usually in light grey. This kind of floor is most common in factories due to its cheaper installation cost and ability to line mark car bays and make other signage. This option can also be used in residential garage floors if you prefer solid coloured flooring. The vital thing to keep in mind is that due to the highly chemical resistant epoxies, polyurethanes, or polyaspartics used, the flooring becomes impervious to such common stains are grease and oil. These particular systems are excellent for small offices, garages, factories, car parks, and other workspaces.


The Benefits of Epoxy Flooring

Opting for epoxy flooring will give you a floor with a seamless finish. It will be highly resistant to wear and tear and will be water-resistant. The epoxy flooring remains clean and hygienic and very resistant to oils and dirty residue. It is cost-effective and comes in a large variety of designs and colour combinations.

So if you have decided to put down epoxy flooring in your residential or commercial space, check out the companies on the Gold Coast. They all offer different approaches to epoxy flooring, but one thing is sure they all are experts at what they do, and you won’t be disappointed with your new covering.