Decks Brisbane- Tips to elevate your outdoor living

Brisbane has a sunny climate and if you enjoy the outdoor lifestyle, you should consider investing in a deck? Whether you want to create a cosy outdoor space to entertain guests or simply enjoy a good dinner on a balmy night, a well designed deck can enhance your living space. 

Different type of decks

Home-owners living in suburbs would like to extend the living space outdoors, and, consider decks to be a welcome addition to the properties. There are different types of decks that you can build in your home. Some of the most popular options are as follow.

  • Timber decks.  These are a classic design which have a natural and timeless look. The decks are constructed using different kinds of wood such as merbau and oak. You can speak with your deck builder about composite materials that are low maintenance, but give the image of a wooden deck.
  • Pergola’s.  Pergolas are a popular option which are added to decks to provide shade and protection from the weather. They are great for creating a cosy outdoor space that you can enjoy year round
  • Pool decks.  If you own a pool, a well designed deck can enhance the aesthetics of your outdoors area. However it is essential that you choose the right materials and non slip surface is for extra safety. For more information about our services, explore Brisbane decks here.

The proper way of utilising the decks

A deck has different purposes, it can either be used is an area for outdoor dining or hosting your guests. The Brisbane weather calls for an extended living area in the outdoor space of your home. You can perform various activities such as barbecuing, gardening or simply relaxing in the sunshine.

Tips to help you find a deck builders in Brisbane

  •  Look for deck builders who have got a good track record of designing high quality decks. Hire somebody who has got the experience and the expertise.
  • Find out whether the builders are licenced and if they have the insurance to offer you protection in case of a mishap on your property.
  • Don’t forget to take a look at the client reviews to see the testimonials which will provide you insight about their professionalism. You might also want to take a look at their portfolios for inspiration or building a deck in your home.

Speaking with deck builders in Brisbane

  • Speak with the builder about incorporating privacy features into the deck. You can make use of lattices, screens or planters to create an intimate outdoor space.
  • You can get creative by designing your deck by including integrated seating, built in planters, and various light options.
  • Take your pick from unconventional deck materials such as composite or recycled timber to create a classy touch to your outdoor space.

A deck is a valuable addition to your property, however it is important that you hire the right kind of builder. A professional will not only help you choose the right kind of deck for your home but also provide you customised options so that you can utilise it effectively.