Transportable homes WA

Containers used for cargo transportation can be recycled into portable homes and offices. They can be customised into many shapes and according to the needs of a customer. More important is the design specified by the client with the assistance of a construction engineer. It is suitable for those who need a home but with budgetary and time constraints. This kind of building homes brings along aesthetics one might just need if they are designed with precision and refurbished in to make them look like new. Doors and windows can be prefixed or fixed on the site. During transportation, they are craned onto the trailer, and they are ready for transfer.


Tips for choosing the best transportable building and Construction Company

  • Choose an all-round construction company that will provide you with services from the design phase concepts, through to planning and approval stage, the actual construction of the transportable homes to the transportation of the building and finally the installation and fixing of all the necessary fixtures and final building report.
  • Choose a construction company with reliable project managers, reliable onsite supervisors, and suppliers with many years of relevant experience in the field of transportable home construction and engineering. With the right team, you are confident that the project is in the right hands and handled to the desired perfection.
  • Take your time to shop around for the best transportable building and Construction Company, in the end, you will end up with the best and the lowest rates but quality final results.
  • Choose a company that does all the engineering and construction work in their yards so that you can view the type of home they have constructed for you, if satisfactory, give them the green light and if not, consider otherwise.

Aust Wide Transportables are located in WA. They can help you set up your modular home from start to finish.

Types of transportable buildings available for you to select

  • It is possible to a complete house according to your home requirements, a one to three-bedroom house and living room or dining area.
  • Additional accommodation buildings in your compound for your guests and teenagers if you already have a permanent home.
  • Administration blocks and offices if you are in a school or college setup.
  • Office toilets and washrooms if you have a permanent house already.
  • First Aid rooms in a hospital setup and restrooms.
  • Toilets and washrooms for people with disabilities
  • Kitchens and ice rooms in an urban setting, etc.
  • Large building project offices. They are suitable for construction site offices for building and construction projects that span many storeys.


Why transportable homes are the best?

  • They are durable and last long, in most cases, they are made from wrought iron and with the right finishing and painting the homes will last for many decades. Maintenance and refurbishing is the only thing you will be required to do occasionally.
  • Mobility of your home is amazing, and if you are to relocate to somewhere else, you can move along with your home.
  • They are cost-effective and takes little time to have them ready for you to move in. You can choose to stay in a hotel for one or two days while your home is being done while still, the general cost of the home is relatively low.
  • They are attractive and give the aesthetics you deserve in a home. With the right designs, you will never regret the type of home to stay in.
  • Its standards meet industrial requirements and specifications of which in the end, the quality of your home is assured.
  • They can do one room for you to settle in as they continue with the rest of the project.