Tips for Buying Custom Made Awning

A custom-made awning is a significant investment for many homeowners. As a homeowner looking to make such an investment, prepare to part with something between four thousand and ten thousand bucks to have a professional build custom-made units for your outdoor space. Before you sacrifice your hard-earned cash, consider the following hacks that can help you avoid life’s headaches.

Use a local dealer

Find a local dealer with reputation. You can request references from the vendor to check through their products. Finding the right custom-made dealer is essential. You can find their online reviews and feedback from the clients who went in before you through review sites. Online reviews will help you shortlist vendors and whittle down to the top three companies to engage.

Who does the installations

Knowing if a dealer does the installation or sub-contracts a third-party will help you make the right judgment about their products and services before engagement. There’s no big deal if a company is subcontracting the installations, but you will be in the right place if the company does the plant itself. Find out if they have installation warranties and note the duration of the warranty for comparison purposes. Ensure the company you hire to install a custom awning has a warranty that covers servicing and future adjustment if a claim is made. With those hints in mind, you can easily make the right decisions for custom-made installation vendors to contract.

Types of fasteners used

Construction materials are changing rapidly due to invention and reinventions. Whatever the case, make sure the installer uses a minimum full shaft of 3/8,” and depending on the type of material used, the length of the lag screws is essential to consider.

The fabric should be 100 percent acrylic

100% acrylic material will not rot, mildew, or fade quickly and follow the same pattern both inside and outside. Some awning manufacturers label their fabrics, especially those produced in Europe and Asia. If an awning is a 100% acrylic and sewn from UV resistant thread, it should guarantee you between eight to twelve years with proper maintenance and cleaning.

Warranty type – full or prorated

Note that different companies offer different warranties, and it’s upon the homeowner to choose the one that has full coverage while the warranty is still valid. It is essential because it will save you out-of-the-pockets expenses if claims need to be made in the future and within the warranty period.

Operation – manual or motorised

Manually operated awnings are cheaper compared to motorised awnings. Motorised awnings still have a manual backup to fall back to in case the other option fails. With motorised awnings, you control using a remote control. You might use the shelter ten times more than a hand crank; research found this claim to be valid.

Assembling and source of framing components

You should know the places where they produce quality awning materials. It will guide you while shopping for your custom-made awning. Typically, tailor-made awning uses ‘made to order’ stuff, usually taking a week or two to produce. Some companies use low-quality components to reduce costs, but it will hardly survive the diverse weather elements. Better spent a little more and get value for money and avoid low quality or short lifespan.

Is it a national brand or retailer assembled?

Locally assembled awnings have two significant issues: they can change the sources of material based on where they find the best deals and two; future availability of components may hinder operability of your awning.

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