Floor Polishing in Brisbane: Benefits of polished concrete floors

Polishing an old floor can completely alter the way our home looks. The simple method of concrete polishing can do a great deal for the aesthetics of your floor. It can turn around an old and tired looking room into a classy little space. Concrete flooring options are quite popular with home owners in Brisbane.

However, most people believe that concrete floors are only restricted from the outdoor space or drive ways. But a great deal has changed. There have been several innovations in which the floors are laid and therefore concrete flooring is used inside homes as well. Polished concrete floors are not only beautiful to look at but are pretty useful as well. The following are some of the benefits of polished concrete floors.

  • Polished concrete floors are a cost effective option. When compared to other flooring options like wood or marble, concrete floors tend to be a great deal cheaper. In fact most of the concrete floors can be polished to resemble any of these expensive flooring options. The use of special techniques allows contractors to use a variety of finishes on the polished concrete and make it look any way they want to.
  • Polished concrete floors can be high gloss or low in gloss. It all depends upon what purpose the flooring is being laid. For offices and bigger buildings polished floors tend to be high gloss. These allow the light to reflect well. However polished floors in homes can fulfill a similar purpose. The light which is reflected gives the room a much brighter look. This is turn also reduces the need to use a great deal of lighting to brighten up a room. That is taken care of by the reflective surface of the polished concrete. If you are considering floor polishing in Brisbane, make sure you talk to a contractor regarding polished concrete floors.

  • There are loads of colored concrete flooring options which you can choose from. The dye concentrate options allow home owners to personalize their floors and match it with the rest of their home. In office colored concrete floors can add to the style and glamor of the place making it look more attractive.
  • Polished concrete floors can last for the longest time. This is because it’s the lowest maintenance flooring option available for home owners. Al spills can be managed easily. Nothing penetrates the hardness of the concrete. It works well for homes which have a great deal of traffic. Plus it can be used in the kitchen without having o worry about things like discoloration etc.
  • Very little raw material is used during concrete flooring. This makes it one of the green flooring options. Not a lot of resources have been utilized in its installation. Since concrete floors are pretty durable, it’s no wonder that these can be sturdy enough to last a life time. Thus reducing the need to lay down a new floor every three to five years.

For more information on floor polishing, make sure you talk to MJS Floorsanding in Brisbane.